We tune your WP suspension with our own VRS Special Parts so that your

set is feeling progressive and smooth! With a VRS VSP VALVE in the forks you

reduce the armpump while still having safe and comfortable front forks.

In the shock we have 3 options to choose from. Beginning with a VRS PISTON (with shims)

a piston designed to have a much thinner shim stack than oem, so you have a much

more constant valving system.


V8P PISTON (with springs) a piston designed with 8 Springs and valves,

with only a minimal shim stack we have maximum control to

change the shims and springs to maximise the comfort of the shock. 



A Compression Control built with only 1 clicker. With this system you can adjust

the high speed compression and low speed compression with only 1 screw, this 

makes it easier to adjust and makes a better performing rear shock.